8 Nov 2011 , But, most appealingly, the flat concrete roof can be used as a high patio with privacy, breezes, views and so forth. If you do decide to have a concrete roof, I suggest you support the concrete using galvanized steel deck forms. These metal panels look something like galvanized roofing but heavier.

REIDsteel offer several decking options for car park / parking lot flooring including steel, pre-cast concrete and composite decks.

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Common mistakes in concrete floor slab construction can be avoided with proper base preparation, mix design, placement, finishing, and curing. If these steps are performed correctly, the owner can expect an attractive, durable product. Standard concrete floor slab thickness in residential construction is 4,

Construction Training Facility. (ESSU Philippines). A Senior Project. Presented to. James Mwangi from the Department of Architectural Engineering. By ,BUTNGA HAN TIE REINFORCING NGAN MASONRY WALL. ILARUM HAN SUSPENDED SLAB REINFORCING. USE. CEMENT. CONCRETE 1.

When considering the possibilities of constructing a concrete roof to protect against storm winds, it's nearly impossible not to think of "The Three Little Pigs." The classic fairytale tells the story of three porcine homeowners and their attempts to barricade themselves against an evil wolf who happens to possess hurricane-force,

Philippine Daily Inquirer / 11:29 PM January 11, 2013. THE DESIGN of the new World Trade Center in New York includes safety measures such as a 24-inch-thick concrete wall enclosure for its building core, where the elevators, stairs and power system are placed for protection from fire or terrorist attack. Photo from boston.

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