A sun room is a versatile addition to a home, expanding your living space and providing a restful haven for enjoying the outdoors while being inside. The type of flooring , Because of its low energy efficiency and tendency to fade in harsh sunlight, true hardwood flooring isn't practical in a sun room. However, choose a,

Jun 29, 2016 , Sun exposure can be one of the most damaging elements on wood, causing permanent discoloration. Not only does wood fade, but it can also darken it, depending on the type of wood. Your furniture requires a sealant to fight against the sun's UV rays, but not all sealants are equal. The following are a few,

They're crafted with modern technology in fabrics that withstand the elements, hold up to heavy wear, and resist mold, mildew, staining and fading. Add safety and comfort to outdoor rugs with our rug pads, which keep rugs in place and cushion hard surfaces like brick, concrete and wood.Read More. phw.subcat.htm. 6.

Jul 4, 2014 , But even I know that all that wonderful sunlight pouring through the window is not doing anything good for my furnishings, my floors and my artwork. Beach Style Living Room Beach Style Living Room. Fading, discoloration and fabric damage are the downsides of the sunlight — actually, any visible light,

So What Can Be Done to Stop Sunlight from Damaging my Hardwood Floor? Unfortunately the issue of fading and color change from exposure to direct sunlight does not have a single fix-all solution. But there are a number of different steps you can take, that if done all together, will greatly minimize the amount of direct,

The NWFA is a not-for-profit trade association providing training and resources for wood flooring professionals in all segments of the wood flooring industry. I've seen instances where wood floors fade over time. Is there anything I can do, Throw rugs will help keep outside dirt and other debris from scratching the floors.

You're not alone. Whether you're out to paint your whole house or simply touch up the back fence, selecting the best paint or stain for the job can be confusing.. Exterior wood floors that are exposed to rain and sun always take a beating. Weathering, especially sunlight, causes stains to break down, erode and fade.

Jun 1, 2017 , Sunlight is a wonderfully warm and invigorating gift from nature that has many health benefits for human beings. Despite it's health benefits, sunlight can also cause damage not only to our skin, but to building materials. Constant and direct sunlight (especially on southerly facing windows in the U.S.) is an,

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Jun 28, 2017 , Exterior paints have improved over the past decade. They're more durable, and less prone to cracking and fading. Consumer Reports' latest exterior paint tests show what you can expect after a paint has been exposed to sun, rain, snow, and wind for years. It's not always pretty. One year of our severe,

Jul 12, 2015 , Laminates have come a long way from the cheap, totally obvious fraud to something that can resemble real hardwood floor pretty damned well. It is fade resistant and scratch resistant, good for moisture and high traffic areas, however, it can never be re-finished. It's not real wood. There are also some pretty,

Aug 21, 2017 , Find out the pros and cons of prefinished hardwood flooring in comparison with regular wood floors that are finished on site. Refinishing: While prefinished floors do not need to be refinished for a very long time, eventually the surface seal will start to fade, scratch and discolor slightly. The problem with,

Jul 17, 2013 , How to prevent it: In addition to dulling the colors of your favorite carpet or rug, sun fading can also change the colors, making your carpet or rug unrecognizable. Protecting them is not as difficult as one would think. Here are steps we can all take to keep our carpets and rugs looking new: Place carpets and,

Because hardwood floors are a natural product they are more susceptible to fading from UV sunlight, whereas a laminate floor will not fade from sunlight. Area rugs and walk off mats may cause discoloration with a hardwood floor but not with laminate flooring. For hardwood flooring use mats and rug pads with non-staining,

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