The suspended parking decks of both garages are constructed ofnurninai {1-5 in. t 16.5 cm} thick. two-way. suspended parking deck slabs. to idepti Fy Lhc causctst olidistress and deterioration to identify remedial work, Repairing hollow-sounding areas of concrete and pret'intts repairs on the underside of the slab.

6 Sep 2017 , Noise Compatible Land Uses as Buffers: Noise protection can be achieved by locating noise-compatible land uses between the highway and residential units. Whenever possible, compatible uses should be nearest the noise source. Figure 4.2 which follows shows a proposed parking garage along two,

9 Mar 2010 , The Parking Garage as Muse. March 9 , In this interview, Shetabi talks about his fascination with parking garages and their influence on his art. The Rapture, by , Most of my work begins from an investigation of the forms that constitute the visual “white noise” of my everyday life and memories. Within this,

Welcome, Nashville Sounds, to downtown Nashville! Click here for FAQs, tips to access the stadium and more. NOTE: Since the new parking garage adjacent to the stadium is now open there is no longer a shuttle service from the Metro Courthouse Garage for the 2016 season. +−,

In 1998 artist Christopher Janney created the multi-media Touch My Building on the side of Uptown's 7th Street parking deck. More than 400 panels cover the nine-story façade of the building in a variety of colors. These include 30-foot-tall “light fins,” which, when touched, light up and play a mix of melodies,

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